Weekly Wisdom: Pride Month & the Multidimensionality of Youth

The following message of #WeeklyWisdom was written by Katrina Clark, the Youth Educator at the Advocacy Center of Tompkins County, which is a proud partner of the Community Coalition for Healthy Youth.

For youth to be truly healthy, we need to consider their well-being in a holistic way. This means acknowledging and celebrating their multidimensional nature; as well as ensuring a sustained ability to access supportive services.

Youth and adults alike have various intersecting identities, experiences, and areas of interest. We de-dimensionalize youth by failing to accept these complexities.

To be seen and supported for one’s greater sense of self fosters a feeling of worthiness, which is both a necessity for – and further catalyst of – holistic wellbeing. This means that all of one’s identities are honored, not just a select few.

One effort to honor marginalized identities comes in the form of Pride Month. Each June, there is a dedicated celebration of LGBTQ communities across the United States. The associated events and energies of Pride Month counter the oppressive institutions and individuals that have historically shamed (and continue to disenfranchise) their non-heterosexual, non-cisgender neighbors.

This June, a recent supreme court ruling has made it illegal to fire anyone for being gay or transgender. While there is still much more work to be done as it relates to preventing discrimination of LGBTQ individuals – especially for those that hold multiple marginalized identities – this ruling is a significant step forward.

Employed LGBTQ youth also benefit from this protection in the workplace. As legal protections, support services, and access to information increase, vulnerabilities are reduced. This ultimately facilitates the mobility to make healthier decisions.

So, as we continue to celebrate Pride Month – and beyond – let us keep in mind the following: the more we (systemically, socially, and individually) shift towards honoring all marginalized identities and the inherent multidimensionality of being human, the more we will contribute to the well-being of youth.

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