40 Quilts for 40 Beds

Alcohol & Drug Council is pleased to be collaborating with The Community Quiltmaking Center on an initiative called “40 Quilts for 40 Beds,” which seeks to adorn all of the 40 beds in the brand-new Open Access Detox Center with a quilt as a testament to the care and compassion of our community. These quilts were crafted with love to offer solace and warmth to individuals battling the challenges of addiction on their journey toward greater wellness and recovery. The Community Quiltmaking Center, in collaboration with various individuals and organizations across Tompkins County, joined forces to turn the Alcohol & Drug Council’s dream of quilts gracing every bed into a reality. Through this collective quilt project, the groups are aiming to provide comfort as well as raise awareness about addiction, and reduce the stigma that often surrounds it.

About the Community Quiltmaking Center

The Community Quiltmaking Center is a collaborative effort dedicated to “opening the door to quiltmaking for all, regardless of personal resources,” and “inspiring and supporting community quiltmaking for good.”

Made by Dorothy from Ithaca, 2023

When I saw the notice from the Community Quiltmaking Center about  providing quilts for the new detox center in Ithaca, NY I thought of my  brother. Years ago his life was nearly ruined by dangerous addiction. I  emailed him to describe the project and that I was committed to making  one of the “40 quilts for 40 beds” because of my pride in his story and his  continued success.  

He answered that he was so humbled and grateful. I asked him what  sort of design or theme he thought would be most meaningful. He said  “dawn.”  

Thirty years ago my brother entered a similar detox facility and to  everyone’s amazement, he turned it all around and continues to help those  suffering to this day. I had not held out much hope for him back then, but  boy, did he prove everyone wrong! 

Therefore, it would be a privilege to contribute a quilt made with love and  profound hope for this invaluable service to the community in honor of my  brother, Billy. My wish is that it comforts all who may use it on the dawn of  their journey.  

Dorothy, Member of The Community Quiltmaking Center

June, 2023