Offering Hope and a Path to Greater Wellness

2353 North Triphammer Road, Ithaca


Currently offering services by referral only.

Access our referral packet HERE.

Our Services Include:

Walk-in Assessments

A patient-centered, face-to-face meeting with a clinician to determine what type of services, if any, are appropriate.

Medication Assisted Treatment

Medical assessments to determine the best course of treatment. When appropriate, medication assisted treatment, including suboxone, will be initiated

Naloxone (Narcan) Distribution

Individuals or family members of those with an opioid addiction will be offered training in the use of Narcan and will be given a free kit(s)

Medically-supervised Withdrawal (Detox)

This care provides effective treatment for people with mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms, unstable physical or psychiatric symptoms, or the inability to achieve/maintain abstinence. Stays are typically 3-5 days, and may be as long as 10 days.


Stabilization helps people who are unable to successfully withdraw from substances within the community, or who are referred from a higher level of care. The goal is to treat people who are experiencing mild withdrawal symptoms with medically directed care that addresses problems and helps them adjust to early recovery. Stays are typically 1-2 weeks, and may be as long as 60 days.

Follow-up Services

Anyone who seeks services at the Open Access Center will receive a follow up phone call or visit to help ensure they have received the services they need.