Our philosophy is based on the premise that addiction is a treatable disease that has biological, psychological, social and spiritual components. Accordingly, we have designed our treatment programs to address the four factors listed above that promote the addiction process. We take pride in our ability to offer customized counseling services to our clients. When you visit us, you can expect to receive courteous and respectful interaction with our professional staff. Initially, each client will receive a comprehensive evaluation, which is a carefully designed history of the client’s strengths and areas that need change to promote recovery from the addictive process. Based on the comprehensive evaluation, the professional counseling team will design a course of treatment based on the needs of the individual.

Our treatment consists of individual and group counseling. A client can expect to meet with a counselor for individual counseling on a weekly basis and attend counseling group(s). In the initial stages of recovery, treatment is focused on assisting the client to establish an alcohol and drug free lifestyle. In other words, we address the biological component of addiction, which may include the use of medicine if recommended by our medical team. In the initial stages of counseling we use cognitive behavioral modification in conjunction with concepts used in 12-step self help programs. Our programming is gender specific, which means we separate the men from the women. The separation of the sexes in treatment allows us to address gender specific issues for both men and women.

Once the client is physically stabilized, then the focus shifts to the psychological, social and spiritual factors that feed addiction. For example psychological factors such as trauma, loss and unresolved grief will be addressed in treatment. Similarly, social and familial forces are included in the discussion to help each individual understand his or her history in a way that becomes useful in the recovery process. Finally, the spiritual realm is perhaps the most significant element on the road to recovery. The search for meaning and order in a chaotic world is true for all humans and it is particularly critical for those in recovery from addictions.