A Letter to Parents

We are entering a season of celebration for students.  Though it may seem like you are approaching the end of an era, it really is the beginning of many celebrations of life and accomplishments for your child.

With prom, end of year activities and graduation day, the coming weeks will present many opportunities for teens to consider engaging in high risk behavior, especially drinking alcohol and using other drugs.  During this time as much as ever, your teen needs your help to remain safe and healthy.

Reinforce your expectations

Throughout their high school years, you have set rules and established consequences for breaking them.  The increased privileges of being an upperclassman do not include irresponsible behavior like drinking and drug use, especially when connected with driving.  Be clear, be firm, and be consistent so that your teen knows these actions remain unacceptable.

Encourage your teen to make each moment count

Let them know you do not want them to miss out because of bad choices.

Provide safe alternatives

Help your teens plan fun, chaperoned, alcohol-free parties around prom and graduation.  Unsupervised parties hold a high risk.

As community members, we are asking you to help us create a climate of celebration that is safe and memorable, ensuring future health and happiness for our students and their friends.  Together we must Draw the Line to Prevent Underage Drinking


Thank you for all you have done and will do for our community and our youth.